5 Settings

To access the Client Settings, click the Client Icon on the top-right of your Mac Desktop. This will open the Cloud Settings Panel. Clicking the Console (1) icon will open the “Client Management Console” window where the user can configure additional settings. In the Console window, click the drop-down menu (2) and choose “Settings” (3).


There are many settings in this panel. Here are some specifically for the Mac Client.

Start Mac client automatically - When this option is checked the user will be automatically authenticated to the cloud volume upon system restarts.

Do not show Mac Client sync status pop up dialog - There will be times when users do not want to see the sync progress windows which can be suppressed by selecting this opt ion.


6 Third-Party Open Source Component

The Mac client agent has OSXFUSE component from https://github.com/osxfuse

Please review the osxfuse license.txt here