Getting Started


Welcome to the Triofox Web Portal User Guide. This guide describes web portal functionality for users as well as administrators in Triofox.

Triofox helps businesses mobilize their file servers by enhancing existing Windows file servers with secure remote acccess, mobile file sharing, data protection and cloud migration, while addressing business concerns about security, privacy, compliance and control.

Triofox adds ransomware protection and automatic alert mechanism to your file servers. It continously monitors all the Triofox clients for any unusual activity and will automatically shut them down if it sees a possible attack.

Triofox removes any need for businesses to rely on a VPN or a company computer to securely access files. With Triofox, data sprawl is eliminated as data stays on local file servers and mobile productivity is balanced by centralized management and access controls.

Triofox natively integrates with Active Directory and maintains all the existing NTFS permissions and there is no need to recreate any user identities. With military grade encryption and secure connections, use existing users and permissions to save setup time and money. files stay on local file servers and encrypted at the end point cache.

Triofox includes the backend Triofox server, which runs on Windows server platform, and front end client applications for Microsoft Windows, Mac OSx, and mobile clients for the Android and Apple iOS operating systems.

The Web portal is an important part of the solution for the following reasons:

  • most of the management work is done on the web portal.
  • downloading other native client agent softwares starts from the web portal.
  • web browser file manager have rich and responsive feature to manage files, sharing and collaboration.

Other important features and functions of the web portal are also covered in this document.


The web portal user guide is updated for version 11.9.9226.48971