Folder Legends in Web Interface

There are many different folders in the web interface.

Here is a list of them.

Mounted Storage


This folder represents mounted/attached storage. For example, a mounted file server network share or a connected Amazon S3 bucket will look like this.

Sync From Remote


This folder represents synchronization folders from remote PCs or Server Agents.

Received Shares


This folder represents the root folder of all the shared files and folders from other users.

Regular Folder


This folder represents a single shared folder received from other users.

Team Folder


This folder represent a team folder that is published to users and viewed from the users who received the team folder.

Version Control


Version folder represents folders that every files inside is under version control.


If a folder doesn’t have the version folder icon, doesn’t mean it is not a version folder.

As long as one of the parent folder is a version folder, everything inside is under version control.

If the administrator setup the user as version control from the root, the team user may not see the version folder icon either when version control is on by default.